Saturday, December 26, 2009

More Set up and Research on YouTube.

Its always good to understand what you're going up against and its good to know what wheel you don't have to re-invent. Since I'm starting a channel on YouTube I've decided to make sure I'm not overlapping horribly with someone else. Fortunately, I don't think I am. However, while searching I found a few great vids on archaeology, made by archaeologists.

What is Archaeology
Archaeology is Important

Both of these are fantastic and show first hand what real excavation looks like. I highly encourage you to go watch these, especially if you wonder what we look like in the field.

Mewhile I've been working on the script for the first vid, and found some spectacular sites. First I found the Skeptics Dictionary, where you can find all kinds of great 'definitions' on topics near and dear to Skeptics.

More scholarly, I found The Hall of Maat created by Katherine Reece. This is a great site with articles contributed by well know researchers such as Garrett G. Fagan. It covers all kinds of psuedo-archaeology and talks about ways to address it and reveal it.

So, enjoy the fruit of my labor, and I hope you learn something new!

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