Thursday, August 26, 2010

ArchyFantasies Returnes!

Aliens in the Closet

I've recently fished Erich Von Daniken's most recent book History is Wrong. Let me say, as a sci-fi / conspiracy novel, it was fantastic! It had all the required elements; mythology, religion, government conspiracies, individual persecution, missing artifacts, and betrayal. The pacing was a bit slow in places, but the plot was great...oh wait the plot was that Von Daniken believes all this is real and true.

I really want to break his book down, line by line, and rebut everything he wrote. But other than being a good exercise in rhetoric, I suspect it would get me no where. Still, there is a great deal that needs to be addressed in his book, namely his evident disdain for the academic community.

Von Daniken's grudge against the educated masses seems to stem from their ability to consistently prove him wrong. They also tend to not believe him when he starts shouting "evidence!" because often his 'evidence' goes missing when its time to reveal it.

This lack of evidence is addressed in his new book, mainly in the form of "The scientists/archaeologists don't understand and they wont let me play in their games." He even at one point gives the longitude and latitude location for a mysterious cave in South America where he supposedly heard from a guy who allegedly said he'd gone there and saw plates of gold foil stamped with a mysterious language.

Never mind that if you talk to the alleged discoverer he'll deny the cave, never mind that the 'plates' have never been seen by anyone. According to Von Daniken, even if you try to go to the cave, you can't, because the government wont let you. So don't try...really...

He also goes on to beat the Nazca Lines to death and to poo-poo the scientific explanation for them. He still wants to point out that the Nazca lines could really be landing strips made by primitive man as a form of Cargo Cult.

The Cargo Cult is something I'm going to address on my You Tube channel. It's just the first in a series that I'm starting on the Alien Astronaut phenomena. In it I will be addressing several popular ideas and forms of evidence given by the Alien Astronaut community. It's shaping up to be pretty interesting and entertaining. I encourage you to check it out.