Friday, February 12, 2010

Cleaning out my Phone and Other Errata

I save links on my phone that are sent to me via Twitter and Facebook. I tells ya, I loves my Twitter. Maybe I'll do a massive follow post one day. So I've found some great stuff, The Forensic Anthropologist is defiantly one of them. Lots of good information on the field, and makes me really wanna be one when I grow up.

Also, for those a bit more Skeptically minded, Actionskeptic has pulled together a forum for the upcoming GenCon, we'll be giving talks on various pieces. One is on Pop Culture, another on Paranormal, mine (if I'm accepted) will be on Pseudoarchaeology. Really got my fingers crossed, and come check us out if you're in town in August!

I will tell ya, I'm about two day behind schedule for my vids, and Probably wont have one up till the 15th. I know, bad shovel-monkey, but I really have been busy, except for yesterday when I spent my free time playing crack I tells ya.

So, look forward to a new vid next week, and with luck a new Podcast!

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